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3/4” Thickness, 2 ¼” Width Plain Sawn / Flat Sawn
Plain sawn, or flat sawn, is the most common type of lumber cut. The annular rings are generally 30° or less to the face of the board (known as tangential grain).
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5/16” Thickness, 4” Width Quarter Sawn / Rift Sawn
Quarter sawn wood has beautiful straight grain patterns. In this type of lumber, the growth rings intersect the board face at a 60-90° angle. In red oak, creates a striking “fleck”.

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18” x 18” Size TacTiles Monolithic Carpet Tiles
Carpet tiles can be installed in office buildings, computer rooms, basements, three-season rooms, corridors, hallways, landings – just about anywhere within a home.
24” x 36” Size TacTiles Quarter Drop Carpet Tiles
Carpet tile, also referred to as modular tile or carpet squares, has traditionally been a solution for commercial flooring. Thanks to their easy installation, you’ll find them everywhere.

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